Glen Rock Savings Bank Whistle Blower Policy Statement

Glen Rock Savings Bank believes strongly in an open door policy. People can bring issues forward in good faith at any time without retaliation. We recognize, however, there may from time to time be instances for which the assurance of confidentiality is the only way such matters can be raised. For such instances, the Board of Directors of Glen Rock Savings Bank has made the Bank’s Internal Auditor available to you for the purpose of safely reporting concerns or suspected wrong doings. Upon being notified of such matters, the Glen Rock Savings Bank Internal Auditor is required to anonymously forward the concerns to the Bank’s Board of Directors for review and appropriate action.

To do so please address such concerns to:

Linda J. Hecker, Internal Auditor
Glen Rock Savings Bank
250 Lincoln Ave
Hawthorne, N.J. 07506
or by telephone at: