Your Debit card is automatically enrolled in VAU, an automatic account information updating service provided by VISA.  When your debit card account information changes, Glen Rock Savings will submit electronic files with your updated information to VISA and VISA will send your updated information to participating merchants with whom you have an ongoing payment relationship, such as recurring payments or automatic billings.  This service is a convenience, provided to you at no cost; however, you may opt-out of VAU at any time by contacting the bank at the address listed below.  Participation in VAU does not relieve you of obligation to ensure that merchants have correct account information on file; failure to do so may result in a declined payment.  In addition, neither VISA nor Glen Rock Savings can guarantee that  account updates will be communicated to merchants prior to the next billing date.


If you wish to Opt Out of VAU:  Please contact us at: 250 Lincoln Ave., Hawthorne, NJ 07506